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Product name : Assembly trench cover for swimming pool
Patent name : Assembly trench footboard
Patent number : 10-1527920

Characteristic 1 :
his trench cover can be created in any kind of length and shape by assembling each individual part together.
If a part of the assembled cover is broken, instead of replacing whole cover, only broken part can be replaced with spare parts unlike other previous trench covers. Therefore, It naturally save expenses,
and it is easy to separate and wash parts as well.
(part size : 216mmm(L) × 28mm(W) × 23mm(T)) - This size is customizable

Characteristic 2
The square shaped edges lined up in each side of the unit covers waterways under the cover so that the floor looks clean and neat. In addition, it is also designed to stand heavy load by dispersing weight, and Each square has bumps to prevent slippery accident by water moss.
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