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NJE Tech Co. was established in 2012 with passion to become technologically specialized press die manufacturer in the field of automotive industry. Since our foundation, we have tried to become a strong and competitive company via improvements of manufacturing processes and continuous research in developing technologies. Due to our utmost efforts, we have acquired many certificates including Hyundai & Kia SQ Cert. and ISO 9001 as the result of precise die making and outstanding technical supports. Our clients are mostly Tier 1 automobile manufacturers of Hyundai, Kia, Samsung and General Motors, and we mainly develop and manufacture press dies for their new model developments and mass production of car’s frame, body, submission, sunroof, pedal and other various modules. Our goal is not only to fulfill our customers’requests with high quality products and on-time delivery but also to satisfy their needs with our drawing & modeling capability and technical expertise.

220, Gaya-daero, Sasang-gu, Busan, 47022, Republic of Korea | TEL : +82-51-728-7985 | FAX : +82-51-728-7983 | E-mail : nje.sales@njetech.com

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